Commercial Pressure Cleaning

Incorporated in 2006, our corporate office is conveniently located in Tampa Florida. We offer expert bidding and then follow through with expert workmanship. We take pride in being a reliable company.  

Total Pressure Cleaning Services can add curb appeal and a clean appearance to your business or commercial property.

Let us customize a routine pressure washing maintenance plan especially for you.

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The Benefits of Building Cleaning:

• Extends the life of your paint
• Improves Property Value

• Esthetics

The Benefits of Concrete Cleaning:

• Grease removal - keeps area from being slippery

• Makes area look great
• Removes stains

• Parking Lots & Sidewalks - Clean area to prevent slips & falls

• Garages - Keeps Area Looking Nice & Neat

• Buildings & Houses - Remove Cobwebs & Bugs, etc.

Pressure Cleaning

• Non-Pressure System Available - Low Pressure
• Chemical Treatments Available
• Gum Removal System
• Hot Water System

The Benefits of Awning Cleaning

Maintaining your awning is very important. Without taking proper care, your awnings lose the vitality that a new awning has. With regular maintenance, your awning can look new and fresh for many years. Not only will the appearance be improved, but the fabric will last longer.

• Extending the life of your awnings
• Reducing the damage caused by mildew, bird residue, dirt and sun exposure
• Protecting the material
• Clean Exterior & Interior Surfaces
• Clean Mesh or Grate Undersides
• Complete Removal of Mildew, Dirt & Bugs
• Hard or Soft Bristle Brush Specifically Designed for Material